Caroline K. Robison, O.D.

I am asked from time to time why I became an Optometrist. When graduating from high school I wanted to become an elementary school teacher. Then it was during a summer job as a receptionist in an optometry office that I decided to change career goals. I learned that children may have trouble in school because they need glasses or eye exercises. It also impressed me that there are many diseased in the body that could be detected in the eyes, such as Diabetes. When I started optometry school my grandma started to go blind. My desire to understand her vision issues and help others like my grandma encouraged me to stay the path to becoming an Optometrist.
My grandma continues to be my inspiration when helping people with their vision. You may have noticed on my business cards the phrase, “Caring For Your Eyes WithA Personal Touch.” What I originally was trying to portray is that I spend extra time with people to treat their vision needs individually. My grandma had 7 grandchildren, but I always felt like I was her only grandchild. All her grandchildren felt the same way. Similarly, I try to help every patient feel as though he or she is my only patient.

Phone Number
20430 Brian Way, Suite 1B, Tehachapi, CA 93561

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